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Our Corn Maze is for ALL-AGES FESTIVAL
Every Sat/Sun
Oct 7-8
Oct 14-15
Oct 21-22
Oct 28-29
October Only
Evening Glow-Maze
Starting October 7th
Weather permitting
21st, 22nd, 
28th, 29th

Dark - 10pm

Maze and Glow-Maze FAQ's

YES, you will be responsible for knowing these…  These will be posted at the entrance of the event.

1. If you have Health restrictions - You Enter At Your Own Risk!

If you are in a wheelchair, please note that you will have assistance getting on the hayride, but we strongly encourage that you have someone assist you, and you are not alone. The wheelchair will need to remain with one of our volunteers, who will watch it closely as you enjoy the ride; we will assist you in getting back into your chair.

If going through the maze, please note that the ground will be uneven in places, it will be on soil, and it could be challenging to navigate on your own.  We recommend not coming alone without assistance. The Glow-Maze will not be lit with light, so precautions will need to be taken and planned for on your part.

If walking and moving long distances is a struggle, we recommend that you may want to sit or enjoy our other attractions while you wait for your group to complete the Maze.  This is an outdoor event with outdoor expectations. 

2.  Are There Refunds? - ​No. At no time during the corn maze nor Glow-Maze will refunds be granted. 


3.  Can I show up drunk or high? Wear a mask and scare people? Bring an actual or simulated weapon? Ignore safety instructions?  Some may think these are obvious questions that need not be asked… However, you’d be surprised!

The answer to all is a resounding NO! - Please Behave yourself! - This is Family oriented and for Family Fun.

4.  Is there smoking in or around the Maze?  There will be a designated smoking area for the guests.  Please only smoke in these areas.  

5.  Are Pets Allowed? - Pets are allowed; however, they MUST be on a leash or in a carry bag.  Also, be prepared for bathroom surprises and bring pet bags in case your pet leaves a pile that others could step in.  Please keep it clean for others.


We have security staff on-site, with security cameras all through the event. Specific rules are clearly posted. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on drunken and/or dangerous and/or unruly behavior.

May I have your attention please!!!  If one member of your group is asked to leave, your entire group risks being escorted out without a refund!!!  This is when peer pressure can help and be an excellent thing for everyone involved…


YES - We look forward to welcoming your group.

  • School

  • Church/youth

  • Clubs

  • Civic

  • Scouts

  • Corporate

  • etc.

Our group rates start for groups of 20 or more.  You must make reservations to receive a group discount.

We will gladly accommodate your group during the week by special request. 

Daytime activities available for groups during the week:

  • Corn Maze

  • Hayride

  • Small pumpkin and painting for all guests

  • Spin Art

Group reservation requires a $100 deposit at the time reservation is scheduled via credit card


  • Ages 12 and under must be accompanied on the hayride and in the corn maze by a parent

  • Flashlights will not be allowed on the hayride during our evening travels

  • Closing time is at the discretion of the manager

  • Due to the crowd, time of day, and weather, management reserves the right to suspend ticket sales prior to closing time to ensure all attendees get through the festival activities before closing. 

  • For those that choose to enjoy the Corn Glow-Maze adventure, we cannot promise that our corn patch is “critter free”… something about this time of year brings out the lurking wonders within the corn. 



Admission will be per/activity, or an all-inclusive wristband can be purchased.


This is an outdoor venue and event that involves walking, and you will be in a natural cornfield setting. We are at the mercy of the weather and natural elements. We advise wearing appropriate footwear and clothing. For your safety and for the safety of our guests, management reserves the right of refusal if inappropriate clothing is worn.  


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