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What Makes us Different

We are so excited you found us. 

Welcome!  This is the 1st Annual Brasstown Corn Maze, where we provide families the opportunity to have fun and make memories.  

We are nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of Brasstown, North Carolina, and we are only a few miles away from North Georgia and the Tennessee.

Brasstown North Carolina Corn Maze and Fall Fun
Brasstown North Carolina Corn Maze and Fall Fun
Meet Lantz

Lantz is the grandson of Debbie and Jason.  In May of 2016, Lantz was diagnosed with stage 3 pediatric cancer, and a tumor was removed from his brain.  At that time, he was 6yrs old and traditional treatment would have left him a shell of a person.  Given only 2 years of life expectancy, Debbie's daughter, Rachel, and her husband, Nick went on a journey with the Neurosurgeon to find an alternative treatment, and because of the power of Pediatric Cancer Research, and the treatments they are creating, Lantz is now 13yrs old, living a full and "stable" life.

Brasstown North Carolina Corn Maze and Fall Fun

Meet the courageous Rachel and Nick and our twin granddaughters, Zoey and Maddy, and of course, their brother Lantz!

Thank you, everyone, for spending time with us to participate in our Corn Maze festivities; YOU are helping us give to Pediatric Cancer Research and Adaptive Intervention supporting children with cancer, special needs, or disabilities.  We are also helping many Volunteer non-profit organizations in our community that are giving their time to help us.  We love giving to help others!  Thank you for choosing to be a part of this experience with us!

Meet the Team
Brasstown North Carolina Corn Maze and Fall Fun

Debbie and Jason Lynn

Brasstown North Carolina Corn Maze and Fall Fun

Shawn Brackett

Brasstown North Carolina Corn Maze and Fall Fun

Jon Nagel... oh and Lantz!!!! Nope!

Jason and Debbie had the chance to establish and run the inaugural Corn Maze in Blairsville, GA back in 2017. This venture was such a hit that even now, years later, we still receive numerous phone calls every autumn inquiring about directions to the maze. Finding the right location for a maze can be a challenge, but they have managed to secure a spot once again to host this delightful event. The Fall season brings so much joy and memories for all. 

Debbie and Jason began preparing for the Brasstown Corn Maze as soon as they moved in January of 2022. They are privileged to be the current owners of the Brasstown Wilson Farm. The Maze, which is situated on Wilson land, is owned by Susan Forbus and her husband. Additionally, Mike Logan and his team were responsible for planting the crops and preparing the field. It has been a collaborative effort involving the entire community.

Our property Manager, Shawn Brackett, came on board in the spring of 2022 and has been instrumental in helping us get our Unique Outdoor Experiences glamping sites up and running smoothly.  Shawn's expertise is all things "food" is a hidden talent that we are excited to share with our guests.  So, if you're lucky, you might get to enjoy some of his delicious creations at one of our events.

In the spring of 2023, Jon Nagel joined our team as the Director of Event Operations.  His focus includes the Brasstown Music Festival and Music at the Brasstown Barn. With a wealth of experience in events and festivals, as well as sound, lighting, and video production, he is a valuable addition to our team. His first event with us will be The Corn Jam - which will be a Punkin' Chunkin' After Party and will take place at the Corn Maze on October 21st. Attendees can expect live music, delicious food,, and plenty of fun for everyone.

To all of the workers and volunteers - We could NOT be able to do this without each of you!  Thank you!

Most important - To our Guests!!!  Thank you for supporting WHY we do what we DO!

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